Understanding Modern Dance

Modern dance is considered the opposite of ballet and focuses more on freeform moves rather than rigid techniques and postures. This blog will entice readers to learn more about modern dance and its history. Interesting articles discuss the pioneers of the dance movement, including Ted Shawn and Martha Graham. There will also be details of where to see the best modern dancers to enjoy their emotional performances. The blog will be divided into different categories to explore swing, jazz, and hip-hop. Street dancing is undoubtedly a form of modern dance, and visitors will be able to enjoy the latest videos.

Beginner's Modern Dance Routine

22 Mar 2022

With modern/contemporary dance, it’s important not to jump straight into the deep end. Instead, practice some basic moves before moving on to a complete routine tailored specifically towards beginners, such as that found in this video. Practice makes perfect, and your skills will improve the more you practice and learn.

Lyrical Jazz Dance Moves

15 Feb 2022

Many dance styles fall under the term of modern dance, with jazz being no exception. Therefore, when looking to be a contemporary dance professional, it’s essential to learn the basic moves of many of the different styles, preparing you for any kind of choreography that may be thrown your way.

History of Modern Dance

11 Jan 2022

We’ve all likely seen a form of modern dance during our lifetime, but where does it come from? Well, contemporary dance has more history than many may choose to believe. It was intended to be the opposite of ballet and be more expressive to speak to modern-day audiences disconnected from ballet.

Modern Dance Moves

5 Dec 2021

The most expressive form of dance in America, modern dance has many moves associated with it. You can find here some of the most popular movements that form contemporary dance styles, helping you to develop your own skills. Perhaps some of these moves could begin your next choreographed routine?